Here at Bay Foam Products Inc. we are an industry leader in the custom polyethylene foam extrusion product market. We manufacture profile shapes to fit the needs of the packaging industry, OEM markets, insulation, recreation, and expansion joint applications.

Our state of the art, environmentally friendly 60,000 sf facility, in Phoenix, Arizona, has multiple extruders and converting/fabrication capabilities. Please give us a call to see how we can help in satisfying your custom profile needs.

Formulations Of Polyethylene Foam

Closed Cell:

Polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure with a water resistant outer skin. Made in various densities, this material can be produced from soft to firm.

Open Cell

Polyethylene foam that is of bi-cellular nature. The majority of the foam is open cell, with a water resistant outer skin. This material is non out-gassing.

Density Range Is 1.5 To 2.5 Pcf.

Higher densities may be achieved. Please contact for details.


Closed-cell anti-static foam provides protection for static sensitive materials, such as electronics.

UV Stabilizers

Polyethylene containing UV inhibitors, making it more resistant to harmful UV rays.

Fire Retardant

Polyethylene foam containing fire retardant additives to conform with ASTM E84 25/50 flame/ smoke rating.


We have many elastomer additives available to make any of our products have higher tensile, break strength, resiliency, and softness.

Wide Variety Of Colors


  • U Channels
  • Rounds
  • Planks
  • W’s (or E’s)
  • Squares
  • Custom (any 2 dimensional concept)

All foam product profile design and most die manufacturing is accomplished in house.

Off-line converting is accomplished on site.