Mile High Foam®

Mile High Foam® is a closed cell polyethylene backer rod serving as a backing for elastomeric and other applied caulking sealants. Mile High Foam controls the depth and amount of sealant required.

Mile High Foam® also forms the correct hourglass shape of sealant, assuring the contractor and owner the best adhesion and cohesion configuration possible.

Specific Uses:

For use in expansion/construction joints in concrete and precast concrete walls, floors, partitions, bridge construction, parking decks, curtain walls, glazing, log home construction, highway construction, and pavement maintenance. Mile High Foam® is compatible with most cold applied sealants.


Whatever restriction the Sealant Manufacturers place on their product, the same will apply to Mile High Foam®.

Composition And Materials:

Mile High Foam® is continuous lengths of flexible, round, closed cell polyethylene. Black in color and available in a wide range of diameters.

Technical Data

Mile High Foam® is chemically inert, resists oil, gasoline and most solvents. Material is odorless and will not stain.

Physical Properties:

  • Density: 1.25-2.0 lbs/ft³; ASTM D-1622
  • Out-gassing: >1; ASTM C-1253
  • Tensile: 39-50 PSI; ASTM C-1623
  • Moisture Absorption: 0.002 g/cm³; ASTM C-1016 – Proc. B
  • Temperature Range: -90ºF to +210ºF; ASTM D-5249
  • Compression: >90; ASTM D-5249